Design Consultancy

Whether you are looking to exploit the potential of high definition (HD) technology, workflow innovation, IPTV, digital signage or sophisticated archive and digital storage solutions – or simply to upgrade your existing systems – we have the expertise to turn your vision into practical, sustainable, and profitable solutions. We work wit all your stakeholders, not only technical staff but also your financial, operational, and marketing teams to make sure that the solution fits the dynamics of your organization.

Changing Worlds

The business world we all operate in is undergoing rapid change, as content becomes increasingly accessible on a wide range of platforms. This change has created new opportunities for players in many industries to gain valuable benefits from the convergence of Audio-Visual and IT (AV/IT) technologies. From the corporate environment to Public Institution and across sectors as diverse as medicine, education, retails, transport and venues, Kontakt can help play a vital role in managing this change. Combing worldwide knowledge of business markets with a programme of continuous technological development and its heritage as one of the largest players in the Media industry, Kontakt leverages its strength across multiple industry segments to deliver a service to its professional customers that are second to none.

Systems Integration

Kontakt is a leading systems integration specialist.

After understanding our customers’ requirements and objective or ultimate vision, our design team carves out design system solutions for them. The team provides advice on the right equipment and right technology in line with the most appropriate and cost effective solutions to meet the customers’ objectives.

Our standards are of the highest levels and our project deployment procedures are based on the selection of skilled staff, meticulous project and logistics planning and tight budgetary controls.

Kontakt employs some of the best system engineers and technical support staffs in the industry, thus ensuring you get full value from your investment.

At Kontakt, we believe that the key to a successful project boils down to the planning and management of the entire process of the project. Our experienced and skilled project managers create realistic plans, timescales and work schedules without unnecessarily impacting on existing broadcast operations.

We always encourage our customers to be involved at all stages of the integration process to ensure that we deliver what you want.

The installations required for each job is dynamically tailored according to the particular demands of the job. Our team of experienced installers such as wiremen, riggers and engineers provide the perfect level of professionalism for each installation task, hence providing the perfect install for each job they are required to do.

The final commissioning of any system requires in-depth knowledge of all the various components of the system. We test to ensure that the completed systems meet all technical and operational expectations of the project. Once successful tests are carried out, the system is then handed-over to the customer.

Upgrade of Present Facilities

Moving to a new location? Or simply need a facility makeover? Perhaps you just want to upgrade or improve a section of your workflow? Whatever your requirement is, just let us know and our expert team will take care of the rest.

We can take you from SD to HD, add more editing suites, or just add new LCD displays to your control rooms. This is just a sampling of the many ways our experts can upgrade your existing systems.

Whether you are moving to a new location or want your current location to feel brand new, Kontakt has the solution to your needs.


High quality, targeted training is the key to your company’s future success and growth, particularly at times of change. We understand that an important part of any project is to create and implement an effective training plan so that our customers can maximize the potential from day one of operation.

We offer a comprehensive range of training packages and consultancy services aimed at enabling our customers to adapt quickly to the rapid changing broadcast environment.

Types of Training

We typically offer the following key categories:

  • Technology Seminars

Seminars are an invaluable method of introducing a new technology, as well as understanding traditional technologies. Companies can ensure that their staff understand the latest jargon, employ the most up to date methods and practices, and fully participate in the current thinking in their industry. Technology courses are geared towards a much broader audience that other courses making them as suitable for the managers as they would be for the operators, technicians and engineers.

  • Familiarization Sessions

These sessions are designed to assist staff to gain an understanding of new systems and technologies quickly. These familiarization sessions are less than conventional training courses and are generally conducted in front of the system and in small groups. The sessions provide a broad overview of the system functionality and workflow, and explain the features and facilities of the individual system components. Practical guided exercised are included where practicable. Familiarization sessions can be carried out on the customer’s system or at an appropriate off site location.

  • Operational Training

Operational courses provide comprehensive training to enable operators to gain optimum use of the equipment and maximize operational benefits. The focus of these courses is to arm delegates with the knowledge required to understand the functionality and workflow required to maximize productivity. Operational Training can also be arranged for Third Party Equipment.

  • Maintenance Training

These courses give staff the skills and know-how to enable them to ensure correct operation of Kontakt equipment. First-line maintenance training focuses on preventative procedures and is designed to enhance third party support agreements.

  • Project Specific

Kontakt also manages training for large system integration projects such as studios, outside broadcast vehicles and infrastructures projects including archives and transmission systems. The training is coordinated closely with project delivery team and the project plan so that the staff are trained and fully prepared prior to the system going on-air. The benefit of contracting such a programme from Kontakt is that all the training components will be delivered seamlessly and integrated into the overall project or programme plan.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We strongly encourage our customers to engage in annual maintenance contracts with us. Our service and technical experts will attend to all your faulty equipment. We will repair or replace the faulty components if necessary and ensure that you equipment is up and running in the shortest possible time. We will also conduct preventive maintenance of all your equipment regularly so that you can optimize the usage of your equipment and ensure a smooth flow all the time.

Facilities Management

It is important to have the right equipment. It is even more important to have the right people to run these right equipment! Experience and constant feedback from our customers tell us that it is never easy to have the RIGHT people running the show for you at every point in time.

If you require assistance to manage your facility temporarily or for long haul periods, let us know. We can provide facilities management for you.

We can tailor to manage a specific area of your workflow or if you require, we can also conduct general support for your entire facility. Our team has the experience of handling the most robust and complex of facilities related to the broadcasting and audio visual industry.

Credit / Financial Schemes

Keeping your business on the cutting edge is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. Technology is changing rapidly and cash flows can be squeezed. In an environment like this, choosing how to invest in new technology becomes an essential business decision.

Project financing solutions from Kontakt’s Financial Services team make your business more flexible and better able to respond to change, giving you access to the technology you need to maximize your business potential, rather than just the technology you can afford.

Ask your Kontakt account manager about our Financial Services at the beginning of your requirement discussions. Subject to your successful credit worthy study, we will then work closely with you to understand your individual business needs, and design a finance solution to meet your exact requirements.