The Kontakt group was founded in 1999 in Singapore. Since then we have grown to establish ourselves as a reliable turnkey solutions provider for Television & Radio technology in many parts of the world, mainly in Africa and Asia. Now we have an extensive network of global offices and representatives that spread strategically across the globe.

Our aim is to provide better support and service to our clients whom are of utmost importance to us.

And we continue to grow.

Kontakt is proud to be a Singaporean company and we attribute our success to the vibrant television and radio industry. Through the years we have excelled in providing the world with innovative studios, TV and Radio stations, Playout Centres, virtual solutions, satellite head-ends and OB trucks. We have grown to become one of the best system integrators and equipment suppliers. Kontakt has expanded to other regions since and now has offices in Nigeria, Indonesia, India and UK.

Kontakt Pro Nigeria was formed in 2004. We have 2 offices – one in Abuja and the other in Lagos.

Kontakt Pro Nigeria represents some of the world’s premier television and radio audio visual manufacturers including Sony, Canon, Monarch, Datavideo, For-A, Automate, Ensemble, MAXELL, AXEL technology, Behringer, Genelec, among others, some of which we have worked with for over 10 years. Our staffs continue to upgrade their skills and learn new technologies that our manufacturers continue to research and develop. This added knowledge is then passed on to our clients.

At Kontakt, our promise is to stay committed to exceed our customers’ expectation and satisfaction. Always.