Studio LED Lights | LLF-200K

AceMate has introduced an innovative lighting technology for movies and videography using LED lights. LED lights are very robust, long-lasting, cool and energy-efficient. It can last for 50,000 hrs. It is an ideal substitute to high power consuming studio lights as LED lights consume less power. Moreover the light intensity is closer to the Studio Cool Lights.


LLF-200K | Features :

  • LED is used as lamp source to produce high illuminance,low power consumption and long service life (approx.50000h)
  • The light body is molded with high-pressure die casting aluminium,which is light and nice. Cooling is accomplished with built-in
  • The light spot is adjustable evenly and continuously. The light beam angle can be adjusted between 10°~ 55°.
  • Color temperature is choosable among 3000K/4000K/5500K. Color rending index is greater than 83.
  • Built-in DMX512 control mode with one valid channel and PWM digital dimming system are equipped to achieve 0 ~ 100%
  • The control system is designed with ARM7 processor from ARM. It is advanced, steady and anti-interference.
  • The electric current flows in a constant way in the CPU with high-performance digital core system to ensure a power supply whose efficency reaches as high as 95%.
  • LCD screen design, which is straightforward and simple. The software can be ungraded as required.
  • The unit is mainly used in TV studios, theaters, conference system and multi-functional halls etc.

LLF-200K | Specifications :

Rated voltage 100 ~ 240V
Rated power 200W
Size 510mm*240mm*230mm
Weight 11kg
Color temperature 3000K/4000K/5500K
Luminous flux 8800 lm
Lamp 200W high-power LED
Beam Angel 10°~ 55°
Cable 2 signal cables/1 power cable
Control model DMX512
DMX512 channel 1 channel
IP rating IP33
LED service life 50000 hours based on LED manufacturers’ test data
Maximum operating temperature 55°C
Minimum operating temperature -30°C
Maximum surface temperature 90°C when the circumstance temperature is 40°C

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