Studio COOL Lights | CL-330DD

AceMate has introduced Studio Cool Light, CL-330DD for Broadcast Studios & Production Studios. This Studio Cool Light is a Fluorescent Light fixture with 6 units of 55W fluorescent bulbs with colour temperature of 5600K. It provides consistent light without any heat. With a silver reflective surface and adjustable barn doors the output is soft and powerful. The DMX model has a built-in DMX receiver which is set at any address between 1 and 512. They are controllable using DMX console.

CL-330DD carries a high capacity ballast to ensure flicker free operation. The mounting bracket on this fixture is convenient for either ceiling grid mount or for a lighting stand mount.


Model Code

CL-330DD | Features :

  • Lighted On/Off Power Switch w/ Individual Bank Control.
  • High Capacity Ballast Eliminates Flickering.
  • Ventilated Design Extends the Life of the Fixture
  • Mounting bracket for ceiling or stand mount.
  • Reflective Silver Lining.

Included Accessories :

  • 4-leaf Barndoor, Lamps x 6pcs, Power Cord (4 mts L), DMX Cable, 5M to 5F (5 mts L), Mounting Adaptor.

Optional Accessories :

  • Lamps, 55W, Base 2G11 (Spare)
  • Light Stand with bag (Model: LS1)

Product Specifications :

   Model CL-330DD
   Power 330W (6 x 55W)
   Lamp U-Shaped compact fluorescent tube, 55W with 4-pin socket, 2G11
   Colour Temperature 5300 – 5600K
   Power Output Control ON/ OFF Switch
   Power Output Control 3 Group Separate Switch
   Dimmer Control Knob 0% – 100%
   Lighting Control DMX 5-pin x 2 (IN & OUT)
   Fixture Colour Black
   Dimension 610 x 280 x 130 mm
   Weight 6.0 kg (only fixture with bulbs)

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